The Umunhum Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Mt. Umunhum and its historic Radar Tower.

The Umunhum Conservancy was founded in October 2012 to protect the Radar Tower. The Conservancy promotes the cause of protecting, preserving and operating Mt. Umunhum and the Tower.

The Umunhum Conservancy’s federal EIN is 46-1438547.

Conservancy Board

  • Sam Drake, President and Founder. Sam has volunteered for the Bay Area Ridge Trail, Santa Clara County Parks and the Geocachers of the Bay Area.

  • Kitty Monahan, Secretary and Founding Board Member. Kitty is founder and President of the New Almaden County Park Association and past member of the Santa Clara County Park Commission. She volunteers with numerous other organizations including the Bay Area Ridge Trail, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority, and Santa Clara County Parks.

  • Mike Boulland, Treasurer and Founding Board Member. Mike is founder and President of the Friends of Santa Teresa Park and Friends of Las Alamitos Watershed. He volunteers with organizations such as Santa Clara County Parks.

  • Basim Jaber, Founding Board Member. Basim is the Historian and Archivist for the Almaden Air Force Station. He has organized reunions for the veterans who served at the Station, and gives numerous excellent presentations on the Station’s history.

  • Chuck Berls, Founding Board Member. Chuck is a Founding Director of the Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation.

  • Randee McQueen, Board Member, elected May 2013. Randee has a strong personal connection to Mt. Umunhum; her family has owned much of the property for more than 50 years. Randee is CFO of Communication Control, Inc.