SOS – Save Our Skyline!

The Umunhum Conservancy is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Mt. Umunhum and its historic Radar Tower.

The historic Radar Tower atop Mt. Umunhum will be demolished unless the Conservancy raises funds to preserve it.

Mt. Umunhum and the Radar Tower are owned by the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District (MROSD).  They do not spend funds on historic preservation.  Unless the Conservancy raises approximately $1.5 million by October 2017, MROSD will demolish all or most of the Radar Tower.

As of April 2016 we are approximately 25% of the way to that goal.  Thank you for your support!

For more information, please see our FAQ.

Historic Update:  On To The Board of Supervisors!

The Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Commission voted on February 18th to recommend that the Board of Supervisors place the Tower on the County’s Historic Inventory. If the Board of Supervisors agrees that would give the Tower significant (but not absolute) protection against demolition.

The Board of Supervisors will take up the Commission’s recommendation during their Tuesday May 10th meeting. If you can attend, please do! (Time currently TBD) If you can’t attend, please contact your supervisor … on second thought, please contact them all!

The Board’s home page will help you find out who your Supervisor is, and contains links to contact them.

Here are their email addresses and phone numbers:

1Mike 299-5010
2Cindy 299-5020Has given a quote in support of preserving the Tower.
3Dave 299-5030Has given a quote in support of preserving the Tower.
4Ken 299-5040
5Joe 299-5050

Want to know who your Supervisor is? Look them up by your city and zip code using this table!

94022Los Altos5Joe Simitian
94022Los Altos Hills5Joe Simitian
94024Los Altos5Joe Simitian
94024Los Altos Hills5Joe Simitian
94040Mountain View5Joe Simitian
94041Mountain View5Joe Simitian
94043Mountain View5Joe Simitian
94085Sunnyvale3Dave Cortese
94086Sunnyvale3Dave Cortese
94087Sunnyvale5Joe Simitian
94089Sunnyvale3Dave Cortese
94301Palo Alto5Joe Simitian
94303Palo Alto5Joe Simitian
94304Palo Alto5Joe Simitian
94305Stanford5Joe Simitian
94306Palo Alto5Joe Simitian
95008Campbell4Ken Yeager
95014Cupertino5Joe Simitian
95020Gilroy1Mike Wasserman
95030Monte Sereno1Mike Wasserman
95030Los Gatos1Mike Wasserman
95032Los Gatos1Mike Wasserman
95033Los Gatos1Mike Wasserman
95035Milpitas3Dave Cortese
95036Milpitas3Dave Cortese
95037Morgan Hill1Mike Wasserman
95046San Martin1Mike Wasserman
95050Santa Clara4Ken Yeager
95054Santa Clara4Ken Yeager
95056Santa Clara4Ken Yeager
95070Saratoga5Joe Simitian
95110San Jose3Dave Cortese
95111San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95112San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95113San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95116San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95117San Jose4Ken Yeager
95118San Jose1Mike Wasserman
95119San Jose1Mike Wasserman
95120San Jose1Mike Wasserman
95121San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95122San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95123San Jose1Mike Wasserman
95124San Jose4Ken Yeager
95125San Jose4Ken Yeager
95126San Jose4Ken Yeager
95127San Jose3Dave Cortese
95128San Jose4Ken Yeager
95129San Jose5Joe Simitian
95130San Jose5Joe Simitian
95131San Jose3Dave Cortese
95132San Jose3Dave Cortese
95133San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95134San Jose3Dave Cortese
95135San Jose3Dave Cortese
95136San Jose2Cindy Chavez
95138San Jose1Mike Wasserman
95139San Jose1Mike Wasserman
95148San Jose3Dave Cortese

Matching Grants!

During the end of 2015 all donations to the Conservancy were being matched by some generous citizens up to a maximum of $20,000. Thanks to the community donations during December exceeded $20,000, so the Conservancy has received the benefit of the maximum pledged amount. Thank you!

New: MidPen’s New Concept for the Tower

The MidPeninsula Regional Open Space District has unveiled their plan for the Tower if the Conservancy doesn’t raise funds to preserve it.  They published a concept image of the Tower with the upper 4 stories removed and the remaining parts used as a pergola … a shade structure.

The historic Tower reduced to a shade structure.

The Conservancy believes that treating an historic building in this manner is inappropriate. These plans make it clear why we must preserve the Tower!  Together we can preserve our local historic landmark…ALL of it!

New Dates!

Come learn about the history of this fascinating site, see actual artifacts, and enjoy a slide show of amazing historic photos of the radar station when it was in operation between 1958 and 1980. Presented by Basim Jaber (Historian/Archivist and founder of the USAF 682nd Radar Squadron Veterans Association, and member of the Umunhum Conservancy Board).

For presentation dates and registration information, click here!

Support from Local Leaders

Numerous local political figures and other community leaders support preserving the Radar Tower atop Mt. Umunhum.  Check out the list, and thank them for their support!


Thanks to our friends at KMVT, here is an interesting interview with Conservancy Director Basim Jaber about the history of Mt. Umunhum and the Conservancy!