Candidate Statements

The Umunhum Conservancy has asked candidates for several local offices for their opinions on the topic of preserving the Tower atop Mt. Umunhum. The statements we have received are presented below. The Conservancy has asked all candidates for such statements, and will publish them all in an identical manner.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the Umunhum Conservancy may not and does not endorse candidates for office. The presence of statements on this page does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate.

Statements of support by other notable local citizens are here.

United States Senate from California

“A strong defense is the first role of government and the noblest duty of citizenship. The service and sacrifice of Americans across all periods ought to be remembered and commemorated. Especially in an era when electronic threats and defenses play such a key role in our national security, The Radar Tower atop Mount Umunhum is an important reminder of how the advanced technology of that age helped keep us safe.

Therefore, the Mount Umunhum Radar Tower should be protected, restored, and preserved. It would serve as a lasting tribute to the people who worked there and reminder to future generations of an attribute that is so essential to our future: vigilance.” Duf Sundheim

US House of Representatives CA-17

“With the demolition of the Blue Cube at Onizuka Air Force Station, the radar tower atop Mt. Umunhum is the oldest surviving Cold War era building in Silicon Valley. As a Senior Member of the House Appropriations Committee, I secured $3.2 million in funding for the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District to clean up and restore the former Almaden Air Force Station. I continue to work to increase the amount of open space in Santa Clara and Alameda Counties and improve the quality of those spaces, and I support efforts like that of the Umunhum Conservancy to save one of the South Bay’s most visible historic landmarks.” Mike Honda

“The historic Radar Tower atop Mt. Umunhum is a reminder of an important part of our local history, and a landmark seen by hundreds of thousands of people in the South Bay every day. It should be preserved for future generations.” Ro Khanna

US House of Representatives CA-18

“The radar tower atop Mt. Umunhum is a place of living history, providing a teachable moment connecting past and future generations, and that’s why it deserves to be preserved.” Anna Eshoo

California State Senate District 15

“Mt Umunhum and its Radar Tower are a physical testament to a period of time that shaped the future of the Santa Clara Valley.  This monument to the men and women who protected our country in a treacherous world must be preserved so that future generations will benefit from the lessons we learned and remember the contributions of our Santa Clara Valley.” Chuck Page

“I absolutely support preserving the tower atop Mt. Umunhum. I am excited to learn of the possibility of opening the peak for public access and believe it will be a great destination for locals and visitors alike to learn about the this piece of Santa Clara County’s rich history.” Anthony Macias

California Assembly 27th District

“As the fourth-highest peak in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Mt. Umunhum serves as a powerful historical landmark in Santa Clara County, as it once housed the Almaden Air Force Station during the Cold War. With structures being demolished at the old station, it is crucial that we fight to keep the remaining Radar Tower at Mt. Umunhum as the last standing reminder of its historic contribution to maintaining the peace and safety of the citizens of Santa Clara County.” Ash Kalra

“The historic Radar Tower is a powerful reminder of the Cold War era that profoundly shaped our region and our country. I support preserving this site as part of our shared history and a reminder of where we have been and where we must go next.” Madison Nguyen

San Jose City Council District 2

“As a Santa Clara County Sherrifs Deputy, patrolling our rural areas, I was privileged to drive into the Mt. Umunhum Facility when it was operational. I watched from the valley floor as the radar turned in a circular motion until the facility was closed. My Grandson and I now travel up the winding road to visit. The Tower is an important local landmark. Both it and its history should be preserved.” Joe Lopez

San Jose City Council District 4

“To the world, San José and the surrounding region is forever associated with technology, innovation, and the future. But the advances we make here in Silicon Valley lose meaning without the context of history to remind us of how far we have come. Radar Tower serves as an important marker of our region’s past and should be preserved for posterity. I urge the Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Commission to give the Tower historical protection.” Lan Diep

San Jose City Council District 6

“Growing up in San Jose, the Mount Umunhum Radar Tower has always served as a landmark to welcome me back home and remind me of our region’s dynamic history. It should be preserved so that it can serve the same purpose for my children.” Peter Allen

“The Radar Tower on Mt. Umunhum is a unique local landmark worthy of preservation. Home to the Almaden Air Force Station during the Cold War era, it now serves as a reminder of an important and often overlooked time in our region’s history. I strongly support the work of the Umunhum Conservancy and its efforts to preserve the tower.” Helen Chapman 

San Jose City Council District 8

“The historic tower atop Mount Umunhum stands as a constant reminder of our San Jose’s rich history. The views from our valley would be lessened by its demolition.” Pat Waite

San Jose City Council District 10

“The historic Radar Tower that sits atop Mt. Umunhum is part of our community, history and City. Like many families, when my family and I are coming back from a trip, we know we are close to home when we see the iconic tower atop Mt. Umunhum. I fully support the Mt. Umunhum Conservancy’s efforts to raise funds to restore the tower and open it for public use.”   Johnny Khamis

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the Umunhum Conservancy may not and does not endorse candidates for office. The presence of statements on this page does not constitute an endorsement of any candidate.