Board of Supervisors

Historic Update:  On To The Board of Supervisors!

The Santa Clara County Historical Heritage Commission voted on February 18th to recommend that the Board of Supervisors place the Tower on the County’s Historic Inventory. If the Board of Supervisors agrees that would give the Tower significant (but not absolute) protection against demolition.

That’s a wonderful start … but success with the Board of Supervisors is far from certain. At least one Supervisor thinks they should delay making a decision … not a good sign!

Please let the Board of Supervisors know that they need to preserve the Tower! Contact your supervisor … on second thought, please contact them all!

The Board’s home page will help you find out who your Supervisor is, and contains links to contact them.

Here are their email addresses and phone numbers:

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Want to know who your Supervisor is? Look them up by your city and zip code using this table!

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We don’t yet know when this item will be scheduled on their agenda. When we hear we will let you know!